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The Saltire Collection is our latest collection which was officially released 6/9/19. This collection is the product of months of designing and sampling different variations of products to finally reach the end result which is what was produced for this collection.

With this collection we wanted to design a logo that emphasised the roots of the brand and the fact that Stellar Society is a Scottish-proud label. The design features an inverted saltire on the front chest accompanied with the "Established in Scotland Twenty Eighteen" tagline. The t-shirts in this collection are a much more relaxed fit than our last releases which was a goal for a while. They're a relaxed, boxier fit and composed of a thicker organic cotton. 

The collection is available on the website now and is available across three t-shirts in black, navy, and white, complimented by the introduction to our accessory range, the Saltire Bumbag.